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Maine Doctor Of 41 Years Gets License Suspended For Speaking Against Mainstream Covid Narrative

ELLSWORTH, ME – A Maine doctor has had her license “immediately” suspended [1] for allegedly sharing “coronavirus misinformation” following a October 26 complaint. One complaint lodged against Dr. Nass said that she prescribed Ivermectin for an “over the phone” Covid diagnosis.

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Dr. Meryl J. Nass has had her license suspended temporarily [3] for 30 days after having practiced medicine since 1997 in Maine, and 41 years total.

The complaint alleged that Dr. Nass shared “public dissemination of ‘misinformation’” about COVID-19 and Covid shots “via a video interview and on her website.” The board is also investigating several social media comments the doctor made. After the first complaint, about 10 days later, another complaint was submitted, alleging that Dr. Nass was“spreading COVID and COVID vaccination misinformation on Twitter.”

In addition to the aforementioned complaint for Dr. Nass prescribing Ivermectin, the doctor also admitted that she lied to a pharmacist in order to get her patient hydroxychloroquine, which was something she said could save her sick patient’s life. “I was eventually forced, when the pharmacist called a few minutes ago and asked me for the diagnosis,” Dr. Nass said, “to provide misinformation: that I was prescribing the drug for Lyme disease, as this was the only way to get a potentially life-saving drug for my patient.”

Aside to the suspension, which is set to last until February 11, the State of Maine Board Licensure in Medicine also said Dr. Nass must submit to a neuropsychological evaluation by a “Board-selected psychologist” on February 1.

The order for an evaluation read, “The information received by the Board demonstrates that Dr. Nass is or may be unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to her patients by reason of mental illness, alcohol intemperance, excessive use of drugs, narcotics, or as a result of a mental or physical condition interfering with the competent practice of medicine.”

Commenting to a local news outlet on the matter, Dr. Nass said, “I have no comment about submitting to a neuropsych exam, except that the board ordered me to do so on shaky grounds.”

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She also said that “disinformation and misinformation [is a] fuzzy concept,” one which the board has not even explained to her as of yet. “There’s no law that says doctors can’t express their educated opinion on any subject,” she said.

The suspension order states that the Code of Ethics for physicians said that doctors should “ensure that the personal and professional information on their own sites is ‘accurate and appropriate’ and must recognize that their actions online and content posted ‘may negatively affect their reputations among patients and colleagues, may have consequences for their medical careers, and can undermine public trust in the medical profession.’”

Dr. Nass was upfront with the board on her opinions, beliefs, and actions. She has called the suspension a “witch hunt,” which is very apparently true as her comments made simply go against the current Covid narrative.

Some examples of the naughty comments the doctor made that she’s being punished for are:

When confronted with the complaint on her statements, Dr. Nass said, “Everything that I say in public is accurate.”

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