LOS ANGELES, CA – An individual riding a motorcycle that authorities were reportedly tracking due to it being stolen is dead after crashing into a vehicle at an intersection.

A local CBS outlet’s SKY9 was tracking the pursuit in question on January 20th, showing the unidentified driver of the motorcycle weaving in and out of traffic at considerably high rates of speed down Roscoe Boulevard.

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With the driver of the motorcycle standing up briefly beforehand, the individual struck a vehicle that was making a left turn at Fallbrook Avenue. Upon impact, the individual can be seen being launched into the air – with the local newscaster monitoring the pursuit gasping in shock after seeing the crash.

Los Angeles Police Department officials noted that while they were “tracking” the stolen bike, they were not actively involved in a pursuit of the now-deceased individual. Authorities say that two other individuals were also injured in the collision.

The decedent has yet to be identified by officials.

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