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Massive Victory Against COVID Measures In The UK, Boris Johnson Announces Major Restriction Changes [VIDEO]

From the moment COVID-19 swept across the globe, citizens in many nations and cities have been in a constant debate with their governments about mask mandates, lockdowns, and the controversial COVID-19 jab. And with the new Omicron variant spreading, it appeared a whole new wave of COVID-19 hysteria was on the rise, but apparently that isn’t the case in the U.K. as Boris Johnson announced [1] the end of COVID-19 passports, work from home orders, and the mandate that started it all – masks. 

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Standing in front of Parliament, the Prime Minister announced the end to many COVID-19 mandates and regulations to the cheers and roars of his peers. Not only that, in the video below, Johnson declared that starting tomorrow, masks would no longer be needed in schools. Johnson added that the COVID-19 passport system would also be canceled starting January 26 with citizens no longer required to wear a mask inside any public business or on public transportation. 

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As for the workforce behind England, Johnson noted that people were able to finally leave their homes and get back to the office. He even admitted that the current guidance of quarantining for five days after testing positive was also being done away with by no later than March 24. In the end, the Prime Minister stated that they were putting the trust of health and safety back in the hands of the citizens.    

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