During an appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room,” Congressman Matt Gaetz spoke about the various House committees that he’d ideally like to see used to address what he called the “wokification” of the Defense Department as well as proving that the Capitol incident from last January was a “fedsurrection” rather than the oft-touted “insurrection” by Democrats and the media.

“I would use the Armed Services Committee to get to the wokification of the Department of Defense and the assault that is currently happening against our brave service members, when they’re being told they’re white supremacists – being driven out of the military for all kinds of reasons,” Gaetz said. “The January 6th committee I would use to lay out that this was a fedsurrection, not an insurrection.”

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Rep. Gaetz continued from there, explaining how mainstream media outlets like the New York Times essentially let the proverbial cat out of the bag regarding the FBI’s involvement in January 6th, but added that they simply tried to “gloss over” the key issue regarding the Capitol incident.

“And I think you could have multiple – not just the FBI – I think you could have multiple elements of the national security apparatus involved – and the New York Times gave the game away,” he continued. “When they put out the story saying ‘Oh, well, there were some people that were assets of the federal government’…the reason they wrote that story was I think to kind of gloss over the depth of the gravity…really the mobilized effort of our government to use this day to try to squelch the America First movement going forward because they knew we weren’t going anywhere.”

Later during the appearance, both Rep. Gaetz and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene went into detail about the efforts they and other Republicans were attempting to accomplish last January regarding investigating 2020 election irregularities, but that Democrats have been able to weaponize the events of January 6th to “distract” the public from getting to the bottom of the 2020 election.

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Rep. Gaetz said, “This isn’t a crime of January 6th, this is a cover up of a stolen election – and they’re trying to use the narrative of this day to distract us, but we will catch the signal, not the noise.”

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