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McCullough: Those Hunting Misinformation Are Spreading It, Surgeon General Calls For More Censorship [VIDEO]

At his first press conference of 2022, Joe Biden called for a reset. The first year of his time in the White House had come with numerous dilemmas and disasters. But it appears that Biden’s hope for a reset might have come true, just not in the way he had hoped. In January alone, the Supreme Court ruled against his COVID-19 jab mandate on America’s workforce. But that wasn’t all, as on January 22, the CDC released a study that found natural immunity to be superior to the supposed miracle drug when it came to the delta variant. But wait, there’s more: on the 14th, the CDC admitted that those pesky cloth masks don’t do much against virus protection. 

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All the massive hits the COVID-19 agenda took listed above were discussed on a recent episode on the “Ingraham Angle” on Fox News. Host, Laura Ingraham, detailed how The New York Times and the Associated Press both reported on the major announcements going against the Biden administration’s push to get all Americans to take the plunge. But that wasn’t all as Ingraham welcomed Dr. Peter McCullough on the show to talk about the COVID-19 hysteria surrounding the White House. 

In the video, featured above, Dr. McCullough didn’t slam the Biden administration or take cheap shots at Democrats. Instead, he pointed to the science and believed it was the reason the pandemic is coming to an end. Not able to fight against facts and data, McCullough admitted that the COVID-19 jab (A) can’t handle the virus and (B), is too dangerous to mandate. 

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