Although former President Donald Trump might have lost the 2020 election, the Democrats and even some RINOs within the GOP are worried about his resurgence into the White House. While Trump hasn’t admitted to what his future in politics might be, the Democrats have seized every opportunity to discredit him, vilify him, and even mark him as the mastermind behind the Capitol Hill riot. And sadly, while these attempts to slander Trump will most likely fail, RINOs like Liz Cheney not only buy into the narrative but support it. 

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Speaking on CBS News’ “Face The Nation”, Cheney didn’t waste time feeding into the hysteria surrounding Trump. Again, even with Trump supposedly losing in 2020, the Democrats continue to act as if they need to completely erase Trump from history. And thanks to Cheney, the Democrats are able to claim both sides of the aisle are against Trump when, in fact, it’s just known RINOs trying to sow discontent in the GOP.

Still, in the video above, Cheney goes on a tirade about the effects it will have if Trump was to win in 2024. She claimed that the country would collapse, but it should be noted that before Biden took office, the border was secure, the economy was booming, and a tank of gas did take a bank loan.

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Playing into her speech, Host Margaret Brenner asked, “You’ve raised in the past the possibility of criminal culpability for the president. Is that the consensus view of the committee?”

And as if already written to perfection, Cheney admitted, “Look, the committee is obviously going to follow the facts wherever they lead. We’ve made tremendous progress. We have had now- if you just think about, for example, what we know now about what the former president was doing on the 6th while the attack was underway. The committee has firsthand testimony that President Trump was sitting in the dining room next to the Oval Office, watching on television as the Capitol was assaulted as the violence occurred. We know that that is clearly a supreme dereliction of duty. One of the things that the committee is looking at from the perspective of our legislative purpose is whether we need enhanced penalties for that kind of dereliction of duty. But we’ve certainly seen nothing like that as a nation before.”

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