Las Vegas-based heavy metal outfit Falling In Reverse released their latest single “Zombified,” which takes aim at the likes of cancel culture and media indoctrination. The track currently has the internet ablaze with introspective queries on topics like political correctness, “woke culture,” and the damage done by these modern facets of legacy and social media.

The lyrics from the latest single are brazenly apparent in their delivery, with the music video released in support of the single depicting a zombie-infested dystopian future.

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“The monsters aren’t living under your bed; they are the voices in your head,” the lyrics say. “Zombified by the lies they’ve said, we’ve become the walking dead (cause everybody’s talking shit). Oh no they’ll never let go, of something you said 10 years ago. They’re cancelling, cancelling you. And they won’t stop till everybody’s zombified! They’re pumping us with lies like it’s formaldehyde – their dead inside. It goes on and on, let this go. When it stops? We’ll never know – we’re hypnotized. And they won’t stop ‘til we’re zombified.”

Images shown throughout the video offer subtle references to the concept of the lyrics as well, with the zombie characters staring at the likes of TVs and mirrors and being captivated – serving as an allegory to the current dilemma of people captivated by television and bolstering themselves on social media and being swept up in the manufactured outrage and digesting the propaganda continuously delivered.

Falling In Reverse lead singer Ronnie Radke is certainly no stranger to the likes of cancel culture, as with his troubled past that led to him being in prison in 2008 and thus ousted from the now-mainstream radio rock band Escape The Fate and nearly memory-holed from existence.

But, by sheer tenacity – and likely a whole lot of talent – Radke managed to piece together a brand new band after being released from prison in December of 2010, begin recording an album, and had the debut of Falling In Reverse released on a record label by July of 2011.

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