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Millions Taking To The Streets Over Jab Passports In Europe But Big Media Is Hiding It [VIDEO]

Due to the Biden administration’s relationship with big tech, mainstream media, and pharmaceutical companies, the narrative surrounding COVID-19 has been extremely censored. Since taking office, Joe Biden and the Democrats have promoted the COVID-19 jab and even suggested those who were still hesitant are nothing more than a small group of Americans being misguided by misinformation. But apparently, that isn’t the case as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson pointed out on one of his recent tapings. 

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Before Carlson spoke with legal philosopher, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, about what the future holds with COVID-19 and mandates, he pointed out how the media has been reluctant to report on the massive protests taking place all over the world surrounding governments trying to force the COVID-19 jab on its citizens. And instead of just speaking about the protests, in the video below, Carlson played what he called a small sample of those objecting COVID-19 mandates. 

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Speaking to Carlson, Vlaardingerbroek admitted that these aren’t just small groups of people speaking out against their governments. She told Carlson that millions of people are taking to the streets, demanding their medical freedom.  And according to Vlaardingerbroek, that is exactly what is at stake thanks to the COVID-19 passport. 

Although the passports were introduced as a way to show proof that a person has gotten the jab, Vlaardingerbroek detailed how the same QR code is being used to grant citizens everyday amenities. She also noted how there are steps being taken within the European government to make the passport part of a person’s digital identity to encompass full medical records, banking, and taxes. In short, Vlaardingerbroek claimed that the passport was a precursor to a universal social credit score. 

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