While Joe Biden might not be the first president to give a press conference, it has become a focal point of the entire Biden administration. Just in his first year in office, Biden fumbled and stumbled through many of his speeches. Not to mention when he decided to check his watch while welcoming home the remains of fallen soldiers. Mix his horrible public relations with his dismal leadership in the White House and it should come as no surprise that even the liberal media, who helped get him elected, is now turning away from Biden as he hits historic lows. 

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On Sunday, Chuck Todd hosted Meet The Press where he discussed the importance of Biden’s first press conference of 2022. Given the hardships and setbacks of 2021, the Biden administration hoped the speech to be a reset on Biden. A new start so to speak. But in the video, featured below, Todd pointed out that not only was the press conference the usual Biden circus, but the polls and history are predicting a rather dark future for Biden in the White House. 

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Introducing the “Midterm Meter,” Todd said the meter was “based on previous election cycles and it’s basically three poll numbers you need to know best.”

He explained, “I’m going to start with perhaps the most important number to understand the direction of the midterms, its job approval here, the president’s job approval rating sitting at 43%. If you look at history, history shows that kind of presidential approval rating leads to a shellacking for the party in power. How about the mood of the nation? Let me show you this, right now our wrong track, nations on the wrong track number sitting at 72% – second poll in a row where we’ve been over 70%. This is only the third time in our poll’s history over thirty years where we’ve had two tracks that off.”

It wasn’t a complete disaster for now, as Todd added, “That again would put you in shellacking territory for the party in power. The one place Democrats are holding up okay is on the question of which party should control congress: basically a dead heat, one point advantage there, but most analysts will tell you Democrats have to be up by about four or five due to redistricting in order to actually hold the house here so that puts it in the middle. But as you can see, two of our three most important indexes is sitting in shellacking territory right now for the Democrats. This is a dangerous place for the party and the president to be at the one-year mark of this presidency.” 

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