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Never Forget The Rigged Vote: Establishment Actively Trying to Kill America First

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Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) joined Stew Peters on Friday to discuss the state of Congress and the Democrat plot to kill off the filibuster so they can ram through their agenda onto the American public.

There is currently a two-pronged attack on the America First platform, both from the far left and unsurprisingly, the establishment GOP. The GOP wants to return to how it was before the Trump revolution took place so that they may continue lining their pockets with both American taxpayer money and big corporation handouts from lobbyists.

“The biggest key is that we can’t do business as usual anymore, we have over 30 trillion in debt, were losing our republic, were losing our autonomy and freedoms and liberties, so we have to look at every bill, every single bill, and what does it do to enforce those freedom and liberties?” Gosar told Stew.

Representative Gosar is serious about cracking down on the GOP and the freedom caucus and trying to put up a meaningful opposition to this insane regime we have dictating our laws.

The majority of the GOP seems focused on grifting and selling “Let’s go Brandon” t-shirts than actually defending America’s freedoms and liberties that the regime seems to be all-too-excited to trample all over.

“What they did by taking me off the committee, is that they gave me every committee. Now they have to deal with me on every committee,” Representative Gosar told Stew in regard to the not too distant censure of the congressman.

Rep. Gosar described the feeling as being “liberating”, which is promising to hear. Without any committee trying to keep Congressman Gosar in check, this certainly means that he will be even more of a firebrand on the house floor, along with his America First-minded colleagues.

“Thank you for your fight, I really, really mean that,” Stew said warmly to Rep. Gosar. “We need you and we’re glad you’re rogue and off the committees, and you are a fly in the soup of all these communists trying to run roughshod over this country.”

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