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The old saying goes that “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” For more than two hundred years, Americans have been blessed with more freedoms than almost any other people in the world, but there are conniving, sinister people who are obsessed with stamping out these rights.

Many of them hold high office, and unless we watch them carefully they will seize the slightest opportunity to wipe out our rights permanently.

“There is no right that the Biden regime wishes it could snuff out more than the right to keep and bear arms,” Stew Peters said Wednesday. “They dress it up all kinds of different ways: ‘closing loopholes’ or ‘modernizing’ gun sales, or passing ‘common sense’ reforms, they’re all lies, the people who say this have one goal, and one goal only: Disarming the American people, and working their way up to a total ban of all guns, that’s what they want, that’s what they’re aiming for, the only fix is to never give them an inch, ever. Not once.”

Paul Helinski, the founder of, joined the Stew Peters Show on Wednesday and warned that in just a year, Joe Biden’s ATF has amassed records on more than 54 million gun sales in the United States.

Helinski believes the only plausible purpose of this is creating a de facto national gun registry for the sake of mass confiscations.
“The biggest problem we have is that most right-wingers, most freedom-loving Americans think it can’t happen here,” Helinski told Stew Peters.

“There’s all kinds of people arming themselves who never did before,” Helinski added, noting that now is the best time to get a gun and have ammunition on hand, because it makes it much harder for the tyrants to impose lockdowns, quarantines, and forced detentions when dealing with a populace that has the means of resistance.

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