Dear Governors,

The intent of this letter is to beg you to adhere to the phrase that so many have been screaming at the top of their lungs while simultaneously grossly misusing it: Follow the science.

While so many people go about their daily lives, reading and informing themselves of things they need to know, specifically as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, some are refusing to budge as we learn more and more about COVID-19 and all of its variants.

When someone disagrees with someone else (for arguments’ sake, let’s say when the left disagrees with the right, as that’s what we are seeing more than anything), they yell and kick and whine and scream: “FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!”

But…that’s what we are doing!

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“Follow the science” doesn’t mean think with your emotions. It doesn’t mean do what you think sounds scientific or what you would like to be scientific. It means to learn, gather information, question things when necessary, and then make decisions based on those facts.

For example. It’s no secret that all of the states that are imposing more strict masking, vaccination mandating, etc. are Democrat-led, hence the recipients of this letter.

The eight states that currently have an indoor masking mandate in effect regardless of having received a shot or not are California, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon and Washington, in addition to Washington, DC.

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These states are run by Democratic governors- respectively, Gavin Newsom, David Ige, J.B. Pritzger, Steve Sisolak, Michelle Lujan Grisham, Kathy Hochul, Kate Brown, and Jay Inslee, along with Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Further, Connecticut (Democrat governor, Ned Lamont) and Rhode Island (Democrat governor Daniel McKee) have variations of indoor masking mandates as well. My state (Washington), lucky me, even has an outdoor mandate requiring face masks for outside events with more than 500 people.

These mask mandates are not scientific. Maybe at first we thought they were, but it has been proven since then, and continues to be admitted even by Pfizer board members, that surgical and cloth masks are ineffective in stopping the transmission of COVID-19.

According to Viral Immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle, “These low-cost masks have pore sizes that range between 80 and 500 microns in size. So huge range, right? The diameter of the virus is one micron.” These masks are not stopping the virus.

So why are the mandates still in effect? Why is this list of governors forcing people to put a piece of cloth over their nose and mouth when they do not work to slow the spread of COVID-19?

Further, why are the followers of these governors shaming everyone else who can take this information (or, the science) into account and come to the same conclusion of masks being pointless? I do not wear a mask, even though my governor (Jay Inslee) demands it. If a business asks me to put one on, I leave. The exception to this is taking my children for medical care. At this point, there are so many people who do the same thing that it’s not common anymore to get yelled at.

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However, there are still people who will give me “the look,” or who will say something under their breath, or who will take to social media screaming that I am (or maybe not me specifically, but everyone they see without a mask on inside is) selfish, heartless, a murderer.

What? I listen to the virologists and doctors that discredit the use of wearing a mask to a grocery store, and that makes me a murderer? It makes no sense, and that’s becoming more and more evident every day (and convinces me of Dr. Robert Malone’s theory of mass formation psychosis being a huge player here, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much science).

We could further get into vaccines, social distancing, and so much more, but for now we will leave it at the masks, as it makes my point just fine on its own. You can see the statistics, which corroborate the science, that these mandates and restrictions are not working. Compare your state to, say, Florida, and see their number of cases and death rate (actual death rate, not the inflated death rate that even Democrat deity, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is now admitting to).

They are pointless, which is why you’re continuously being accused of tyranny, power hungry, and the need to control others.

So, please: I, and hundreds of thousands of Americans coast to coast, are begging you to take your own advice: Follow the science.

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