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Proof: Docs Know They’re Killing: Fauci’s Deadly Remdesivir Had 50% Kill Rate in Ebola Trial

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Remdesivir is an essential ingredient in the Covid treatment protocols of hospitals around the country. However, like many CDC-directed Covid interventions, it has been poisoning patients, killing their chances for recovery.

The World Health Organization openly stated that there is not enough evidence to know if is a helpful treatment and that instead it may cause kidney failure, therefore it should not be used for any Covid cases.

Dr. Bryan Ardis agrees that this form of Covid treatment is “premeditated murder”, and joined the Stew Peters Show on Monday to detail exactly what’s causing patients to die so frequently in our pro-death hospitals.

Since May of 2020, Dr. Ardis has been working relentlessly to shed light on the Fauci trials that condone the utilization of Remdesivir, but also show the drug has been harmful to patients.

Dr. Ardis condemned the corrupt behavior of Big Pharma figures, and outright accused Dr. Fauci’s NIH of being “complicit.”

According to Dr. Ardis, Remdesivir has been the single most supported drug for Covid treatment during the pandemic, and it causes acute kidney failure, multiple organ failure, and death in heart cells.

“The malnourishment, the withholding of the fluids,” Stew pointed out, has led to recovery being nearly impossible.

The compliance of the pharmaceutical officials and executives can only live on if the same compliance takes place with the doctors and nurses in the hospitals.

“They’re denying rights to food and nourishment in all of these patients around the country to speed up their death,” Dr. Ardis told Stew, as he expounded on the fact that doctors are the death dealers enacting these killer protocols.

The liars in establishment media are actively working to conceal the mistreatment of Covid patients around the nation, as many outlets have stated that Scott Quiner was “in a 3-month coma.”

The reality is his body and mind have been fighting to survive under extreme sedation. As a side effect of over-utilizing ventilators, sedation is typically overprescribed.

Three of the primary sedatives used in the Covid protocols “paralyze your diaphragm, and then reduce your heart rate,” according to Dr. Ardis.

While patients face the threat of these sedatives and drugs, Stew added that hospitals “move heaven and earth to keep patients from using ivermectin” despite evidence supporting that it is a safe and effective treatment.

“Patients are being denied these things – vitamin C vitamin D – the things that your body needs in order to fight off anything” and these treatment protocols are ultimately killing patients around America,” Stew Peters said Monday, decrying the death care that has tragically now become the norm in America.

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