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Ron DeSantis Ends Fauci’s Career With Hilarious One Liner [VIDEO]

The Democrats have control of Washington, the White House, and even numerous states around the country. Yet, one Republican state continues to outshine the entire U.S. when it comes to the economy, COVID-19 and putting American’s first. Definitely not willing to speak on the matter, President Joe Biden’s sweeping mandates have constantly been thwarted by none other than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Lockdowns, mask mandates, the economy – everything the Democrats wish to achieve with their sweeping government overreach, Governor DeSantis does by allowing science and facts to guide his way. 

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Knowing that DeSantis’s massive success in Florida means little success in turning the state blue, the Democrats have gone surprisingly silent when it comes to discussing the rising member in the GOP. And with nobody coming close to stopping him in the midterm elections, DeSantis is now speaking out on Florida’s prosperous future and who he believes is to blame for the rest of America facing hardship and financial stress. 

In the video above, DeSantis points the blame of America’s hardships not only at the feet of the Biden administration but the person who is supposedly leading the charge when it comes to COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Claiming the only way to recover is for Fauci to lose his job, the audience members erupt in cheers and applause as the wave of red continues to grow. 

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