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School Torture Causes Suicide: Demonic: Deadly Government Sponsored Child Abuse

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As schools across America enforce their tyrannical requirements on children, whether in the form of covid mandates or social compliance, the dangerous effects of peer pressure and overreaching school boards are taking a toll on the upcoming generations.

Alexandra Donato joined the Stew Peters Show on Friday to advocate for Ethan Byrne, a senior in high school and a volunteer firefighter who took his own life over the torment he received from his school board and peers for saying the n-word in an off-campus conversation.

Donato exposed the secretive actions the school board took to intimidate Bryne; all of which were actions that stayed out of the parents’ notice. The same school has removed several students on the basis of their refusal to wear a mask, in which the school retaliates, indoctrinating small children by singing songs that praise wearing a mask. Schools like these are killing students who refuse to comply.

“There’s teachers that have put their hands on children because their mask fell below their nose,” Donota told Stew Peters. “They’re having kids eat lunch in the hallways because they have to be spread apart; they’re eating lunch on the floor, in the hallway because of ‘health and safety.”

“We’re creating a lifetime of damage to the physiological aspect of these children,” Stew Peters told Donato. “Who have had smiles and facial interaction removed from their daily lives, every single day for two years at school. How dangerous is that for our future?”

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