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Scott Quiner Update: Criminal Investigation Into Doctors, How They’re KILLING, Payoffs for MURDER!

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Monday on the Stew Peters Show, we shared a huge update regarding the Scott Quiner death-care case. He has been transferred out of Mercy-less Hospital in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

Attorney Thomas Renz joined the Stew to share his belief that Quiner’s case may involve criminal conduct by Mercy Hospital, though it is the Minnesota District Attorney that will ultimately decide if proceeding with criminal charges is necessary.

“You guys can decide for yourselves whether you think that you need to support our decision – that there should be a criminal investigation and possibly an indictment – or not,” Renz told Stew. “I’ve heard these allegations in other hospitals across the country, they’re killing people!”

Rita Kroon joined the Stew to share another harrowing story of neglect from the same hospital which almost successfully killed Scott Quiner.

Dr. Bryan Ardis also joined Stew to detail how several forms of Covid treatment are in reality just “premeditated murder.”

“They’re denying rights to food and nourishment in all of these patients around the country to speed up their death,” Dr. Ardis told Stew.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet also joined the show to share the proof that so-called medical providers are incentivized by the federal government to murder Covid patients.

Lastly, Dr. Jane Ruby shares a preview of her first official show, as she prepares to take on the medical-industrial complex with shots with truth and righteousness. You can sign up to watch her show here [3].

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