The 2022 Midterm elections don’t take place until November, but although that is 10 months away, it is all the mainstream media wants to talk about. The only people who don’t seem to want to talk are the Democrats, who are predicted to lose both the House and Senate. But before Americans step into the box to cast their ballot, the narratives and agendas that were pushed by the Biden administration are already starting to crumble. Recently, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Republican Nick Freitas, shredded the agenda to label any person who didn’t agree with so-called “progressive thinking” as a bigot, racist, and sexist. 

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In the video, featured below, Freitas patiently waited for his turn to speak and even went through the usual motions before ripping into the Democrats for no longer accepting alternative views that don’t fit into their narrative. He noted, “The moment someone actually stands up and says, ‘Wait a second, no. I’m not going to accept that,’ if you want to debate me on the merits of our particular policies, I am happy to have that discussion. But the moment you claim — with no evidence other than we don’t agree with a particular policy position — the moment you claim that makes us sexist or racist or bigoted, Mr. Speaker, I got news. This was tried during the election cycle.”

Knowing that the Democrats promoted outlandish theories like CRT to be taught in classrooms, Freitas added, “You have a lot of parents coming to their elected officials asking questions about what was going on in their schools, and the initial response was ‘Oh, it’s not there,’ and then when they saw evidence that it was based off of what their kids were coming home and saying to them, and they went back and re-issued their concerns, they were told ‘Oh, well then you must be a racist.’ Because that has been the repeated narrative coming from certain members on the other side of the aisle. And there’s been a lot of times where we just sat here politely and just took it. Mr. Speaker, not this time. I’m tired of it. My constituents are tired of it.”

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