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The New Normal? 400 Athletes Collapsing & Dying Just In The Last 6 Months?

While governments all over the world debate COVID-19 and what is the best way to defeat the virus that continues to spread over the globe, there is a terrifying trend taking place in the sports world that nobody appears to be talking about. The same governments that claim to institute mandates and protocols in the name of public health have yet to acknowledge that athletes all over the world have been collapsing on the fields and courts for no apparent reason. And to make it worse, according to a new video, in just the last six months, 400 have not only plummeted to the ground, but apparently, some have even died. 

In the video, featured below, the host of Resonant Mind [1] started to notice small stories coming out about perfectly healthy athletes mysteriously dying. Although the host admitted when his research started, there were only around 80 people on that list, as already mentioned above, at the time he uploaded his video, that number had rocketed to 400. And still, with some being hospitalized with seizures and neurological issues, there is little information coming out of the sports world about this terrifying trend.