For a second time within a single month, political commentator and podcaster Tim Pool was “swatted,” with reports noting that this latest incident was even worse than the first incident.

As noted in our previous reporting here at Red Voice Media, Pool was conducting his livestreamed showed “Timcast IRL” on January 6th when police entered his studio after reports came in that there was an armed suspected who shot two people and was still an active threat.

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This, however, was an intentional, false report to police in order to foster the dangerous stunt known as “swatting,” where a person anonymously reports serious, in-progress crimes at a target’s home that can render a prompt and armed police response.

Luckily, during the January 6th incident at Pool’s studio, no one was injured as responding officers were informed that there was no such gunman on the premises. Still, much to the disdain of Pool, responding officers did have to quickly check the home and surrounding property due to the serious nature of the falsely reported crime.

Come January 18th, Pool was reportedly “swatted” again, with Pool taking to Twitter about the incident.

But what made the January 18th “swatting” incident all the more concerning was an incident that preceded it the evening prior – with Pool proclaiming that an unknown man trespassed on his property and entered his home without permission.

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“Last night a man trespassed on our property,” he said, “bypassing a large warning sign, and then entered our house. He entered just after our guests came in confusing our staff. Anyone entering this way risks serious bodily harm from our dogs and security. He was promptly removed.”

Pool added on Twitter that he intends to “prosecute to the fullest extent considering the warning signs,” and delivered a warning to other would-be intruders to not try to attempt the same act.

Interestingly, the “swatting” of Pool on January 18th came hours after the podcaster had criticized a known cancel-culture advocate, Nandini Jammi.

Jammi had included Pool in a article dubbed “Here’s our plan to defund the insurrectionists,” which attributed some degree of blame to Pool for the events that transpired at the Capitol on January 6th of 2021.

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“The upper ranks of American election disinformation also include Charlie Kirk, Glenn Beck, Dan Bongino, Tucker Carlson, and Tim Pool — ‘The J6’ — the six loudest proponents of The Big Lie,” the article read.

Pool had responded to these allegations made by Jammi on the morning of January 18th – hours before he was “swatted” – pointing out that he’s never been among those to claim that former President Trump won the 2020 election, and adding, “These are overt false statements of fact seeking to cause monetary damage to my business.”

Roughly seven hours before Pool was “swatted”, Jammi took to Twitter to proclaim she was amused that Pool had sent “legal threats” for her defamatory statements.

“Laughing my ass off at Tim Pool DMing my business partner his legal threats because he’s scared of me,” she said.

The coincidence is certainly something.

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