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Triple Jabbed Alyssa Milano Blames Her COVID From 2 Years Ago For Current Symptoms [VIDEO]

While the American thriller “Brazen” starring actress Alyssa Milano was released on Netflix on January 13, 2022, the actress has spent her time not only promoting her new film but pushing the COVID-19 agenda. Although it is common knowledge that the current COVID-19 drug available from Moderna and Pfizer do little to stop the spread or a person from contracting the virus, Milano discussed the complications she suffered from with COVID-19 and how the Moderna shot supposedly helped her. But even with Milano having received all doses, including the booster, she is adamant she still suffers from COVID-19 side effects. 

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In the video, which is featured below, Milano was speaking about her experience battling COVID-19 and how even though she had it two years ago, she still suffers from shortness of breath, tingling in her hands and feet, and heart palpitations. 

Blaming it all on the coronavirus, Milano was sure to add that COVID-19 is more than just a common cold due to the fact she still experiences the pain two years later. 

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