New reports are coming in alleging that the 36-year-old Brazilian television host Rafael Silva suffered an apparent heart attack on live television just days after getting his COVID-19 booster jab.

Disturbing video footage shows Silva appear to faint on camera in what would turn out to be a major cardiac event, according to Hollywood LA News. This clip was filmed on January 3, and Silva had gotten the booster shot less than a week before, on December 28.

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While being rushed to the hospital after the heart attack, Silva reportedly suffered four more myocardial infarctions. At the time of this writing, he remains in intensive care.

Silva had taken to Instagram to proudly show off the fact that he had gotten his COVID-19 booster shot. In the caption that was written in Portuguese, Silva wrote, “Vaccines save lives.”


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A post shared by Rafael Silva (@rafaelsilvatv)

“Viva the Third dose,” read his full caption. “I’m sorry for the people who didn’t have the opportunity. Vaccines save lives.”

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Check out a more extended clip of Silva having his heart attack in the video below.

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This comes after the iconic “Full House” star Bob Saget was found dead suddenly in a Florida hotel room at the age of 65. It has since been revealed that he had just gotten his COVID-19 booster shot at the end of November.

While Saget’s official cause of death has yet to be revealed, law enforcement told TMZ that they believe he suffered a heart attack or a stroke since there’s no evidence supporting drug use or foul play, and the actor appeared to be healthy before his death.

Saget had been a huge promoter of the COVID-19 jabs in the months leading up to his death.

“Please, people, I don’t wanna preach, but please get your visine today,” he tweeted back in August. “Sorry, auto-correct— I meant vaccine… Help save eyes…Sorry, damn, this auto-correct! I meant save lives.”

Saget even used his podcast to promote the COVID-19 jabs.

In their quest to force everyone to get these COVID-19 shots, the left and the media are trying to bury any stories that suggest there are potentially life-threatening complications associated with them. How many more people need to die or get hurt before the truth about these COVID-19 jabs is finally allowed to come out?

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