According to documents that were obtained by Judicial Watch, U.S. diplomats in China were forced to undergo literal anal swab testing for COVID, with at least one individual getting their keister swabbed at their own apartment.

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In what could likely serve as a sort of joke regarding China literally giving it to Americans from behind, apparently some U.S. diplomats were forced to, as one might say, spread ‘em to get tested for COVID while in China.

A January 25th press release from Judicial Watch found that after waiting months for word back on a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inquiry, it has been confirmed that there was some booty-swabbing going on abroad in China.

Back in June of 2021, Judicial Watch requested the following from the State Department via a FOIA request that had initially gone ignored until earlier in January:

“All records about US diplomatic personnel in or seeking to enter China being subjected to anal swab tests for the COVID-19 virus, including all complaints and communications regarding such testing. This request does not seek any personal identifying information of US diplomatic personnel that may have been subjected to such testing.”

While it took some time, partially due to the State Department initially ignoring he request, Judicial Watch was afforded a handful of redacted emails that detailed some unsavory instances of COVID tests being administered from the rear.

In a January 22nd, 2021, email, a general services officer from the U.S. Consulate General in Shenyang sent an email with the subject “New Testing Method?” that made mention of “a colleague” getting the anal swab test at their apartment.

“So, a colleague from [redacted] telling our group [redacted] that he was given an anal COVID swab at his apartment. Just a heads up, as I am sure it is going to blow up soon… if you aren’t already dealing with it. Employee’s name is [redacted]. Just getting ahead before the word of mouth starts spreading,” the email read.

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An official had responded to the aforementioned email, asking whether the person subjected to the anal test was “presented with options,” to which an official replied that there were “No notice or options as I can tell” and that the person got anally and nasally swabbed.

An email from that same day sent by a management officer in the U.S. Consulate in Shenyang bore the subject “RE: No Anal swabs for diplomats,” where it was noted that “it was a mistake” for officials to have these anal tests imposed upon them.

“FAO [foreign area office] is telling the Embassy that it was a mistake to ask for anal swabs and that it didn’t apply to diplomats,” it said. “TBD how [redacted] will play it, but for now we’ll have to tell people they don’t have to do it. Reportedly you do it yourself in private so not as bad as I envisioned.”

An email sent four days later that pertained to these anal swab tests also mentioned, “I hope the GSO and VIP Beijing visits can do something about this.”

As silly as the concept is, anal swab testing for COVID is indeed a thing, but studies regarding the efficiency of the particular style of testing only noted a slight increase in rapid test accuracy, but concluded that “nasopharyngeal swab RT-PCR remains as the standard diagnostic test for COVID-19.”

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