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Dr. Meryl Nass, a specialist in internal medicine and the anthrax vaccine, with a particular interest in vaccine-induced injuries, had her medical license suspended by Maine’s Board of Licensure in Medicine due to alleged COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation.

Dr. Nass received her license to practice medicine in Maine in August of 1997, with 25 years of experience, and almost immediately after she contacted a pharmacy to dispense hydroxychloroquine for her high-risk Covid patient, the Board suspended her practice license.

Dr. Nass had prescribed ivermectin as well as hydroxychloroquine to various patients of hers, all of whom have not been harmed or experienced adverse effects from her methods of Covid treatment.

Nevertheless, complaints were listed on the internet that Dr. Nass was spreading “Covid misinformation”. A fellow doctor reported Dr. Nass for utilizing ivermectin, with an additional report coming from a Midwife protesting about Dr. Nass’ usage of hydroxychloroquine on a pregnant woman.

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According to the State of Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine, Dr. Nass had her license suspended based on her practice causing, “immediate jeopardy to the health and physical safety of the public.”

After the suspension, the board ordered that Dr. Nass undergo a neuropsychological exam performed by a board-selected psychologist to reclaim her license. The licensing board has gone as far as scouring Dr. Nass’ Twitter account, revealing alleged Covid misinformation as they invade her personal life.

While Dr. Nass faces these reports and allegations, she presents her own concerns regarding the conduct of the hospitals and the suspension of effective and safe Covid treatments. In order to receive the hydroxychloroquine from the pharmacy, Dr. Nass lied, stating the patient had Lyme disease rather than Covid, so that she could prescribe the treatment to her high-risk Covid patient.

Directly afterward, Dr. Nass reported herself to the Medical Board, stating her actions and her intent to out-maneuver the government rules which prohibit ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine from being utilized on patients with Covid. Now, Dr. Nass is expounding on how and why the government controls patients’ treatments, and how these protocols are being utilized by tyrannical pharmacies and doctors.

“The way medicine is being governed right now is via veiled threats and without any rules; there are no rules or regulations that say I cannot prescribe ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine,” Dr. Nass told Stew Peters. “Basically, we’re being ruled by innuendo, by veiled threats, but there’s no law behind it, there are no regulations, nobody has issued anything, no legislature has voted on it; veiled threats.”

“In turn, they’re killing actual people; these policies are responsible for untold deaths,” Stew Peters said Friday. “This is not about fighting misinformation, it’s about dominance and it’s about control.”

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