VIRGINIA – On January 15th, Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin was sworn into office. On his first day, he managed to sign 11 executive orders that included the banning of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in public schools, and also launching an investigation into officials in Loudon County.

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Red Voice Media previously reported on the numerous obstacles that Youngkin’s campaign faced in Virginia, such as attempts to malign him with Democrat plants at his rallies several times. So when Youngkin was able to pull off a win, it served as just how powerful of a campaign and messaging he delivered during his bid for office.

And it appears that Governor Youngkin is going to deliver on what he promised based upon the swift first-day actions he’s taken.

Out of the 11 executive actions signed by Governor Youngkin, two in particular stick out – one being the ending of CRT-based curricula in schools, which is pretty obvious what it would accomplish, and the second one launching an investigation into suspected wrongdoing by officials in Loudon County.

As noted in our previous reporting here at Red Voice Media, Loudon County managed to gain national attention over what was transpiring at schools. One such incident involved a high school girl being raped in the girl’s bathroom by a biological male student who was wearing a dress.

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That 15-year-old rapist was later arrested and found guilty for the sexual assault he committed, but that guilty verdict wasn’t accomplished before that same boy allegedly committed another rape at a different school.

As if the firestorm of the rape committed by the male juvenile wasn’t already an atrocity of itself, the father of the female victim was arrested during a Loudon County school board meeting during the summer of 2021 when he tried to speak up regarding his daughter’s assault.

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That father’s arrest and reports cropping up about the rape of his daughter later revealed that there was a sort of cover-up of his daughter’s sexual assault. That element (among others) will likely be of large focus with regard to this investigation being launched by Governor Youngkin.

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