During a livestream broadcast of Tim Pool’s show “Timcast IRL” earlier in January, police had entered Pool’s studio after receiving an erroneous report that two people had been fatally shot and a gunman was still present where Pool records his show – which is a dangerous stunt known as “swatting.”

The incident occurred on the evening of January 6th while Pool had special guest Brandon Tatum on the live show. Pool first announced the debacle on Twitter shortly after it happened, writing, “We just got Swatted.”

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The podcast host later clarified that when he asked police for a warrant when they’d demanded to enter the premises, he was informed that police were alerted to a shooter who’d killed at least two people and “were going to kill more,” thus enabling them to enter the studio under “exigent circumstances.”

Tatum and Pool conversed about the incident on the live show after police had left the studio, with Tatum, a former police officer himself, explaining what authority police have when they enter a premises under the instance of exigent circumstances.

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No suspects have been apprehended yet regarding the “swatting.”

The term “swatting” managed to gain national headlines back in 2017 when a 28-year-old man in Wichita, Kansas, was fatally shot by police after someone “swatted” his house, filing a false homicide and hostage situation report to police.

That victim, identified as Andrew Finch, was killed three days after Christmas in 2017 after stepping out on his front porch when police swarmed his home – with Finch being completely oblivious as to why they were there. Police later arrested Tyler Barriss regarding the incident, where he was later sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for the offense.

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