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On the Friday edition of the Stew Peters Show, Dr. Meryl Nass, a specialist in internal medicine and the anthrax vaccine, joined Stew to discuss the suspension of her medical license for the high crimes of prompting “covid info.”

“The way medicine is being governed right now is via veiled threats and without any rules; there are no rules or regulations that say I cannot prescribe ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine,” Dr. Nass told Stew Peters. “Basically, we’re being ruled by innuendo, by veiled threats, but there’s no law behind it, there are no regulations, nobody has issued anything, no legislature has voted on it; veiled threats.”

“In turn, they’re killing actual people; these policies are responsible for untold deaths,” Stew Peters said Friday. “This is not about fighting misinformation, it’s about dominance and it’s about control.”

Dr. Jane Ruby joined the show to continue the conversation of murderous hospital Covid protocols, the uprising in hospital custody cases, and the medical facility reform that is required to make hospitals safe again.

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“American hospitals used to be the last best hope for any of us, to save our lives,” Dr. Ruby said. “Stew, people need to understand that the Biden administration is incentivizing these hospitals.”

“These hospital administrators are running for-profit businesses,” Stew Peters told Dr. Ruby. “This is murder for money.”

Steven Forsyth, a former commando with the British Royal Marines, joined the show to cheer the end of oppression in the streets and clinics of London and address the fact that America is run by a puppet dictator.

“The United States government isn’t moving like yours is,” Stew Peters told Steven Forsyth. “Instead they’re doing the opposite and they are doubling down and becoming more tyrannical in their dystopian mandates and lockdowns.”

“Honestly, I think you’ve got an illegitimate government,” Forsyth told Stew Peters. “I think it’s quite common knowledge, very common knowledge over here, I believe today is the 12th month.”

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Last but not least, Stew was joined by Dr. Ann Corson to raise awareness on the very concerning patterns she is seeing in the United States of America as the CCP Infiltration commences.

“By 1999, over 70 million people were practicing Falun Gong in China,” Dr. Corson told the Stew Peters Show. “This was seen as a threat by CCP president Jiang Zemin who began the long, harsh persecution which has included illegal incarceration, forced labor, torture, and live force organ harvesting.”

“It’s all for profit, they’re killing people, they’re killing them knowing the protocols don’t work,” Stew Peters told Dr. Corson. “They administer these expensive drugs that cause renal failure and then hook people up to ventilators and then die and line their pockets with hundreds and thousands of dollars.”

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