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Wendy Rogers Has Some Advice For Employees After SCOTUS Strikes Down Biden Jab Mandates

While President Joe Biden spoke to Americans today about the Democrat’s ongoing efforts to defeat COVID-19 by promising more testing and pushing the Pfizer miracle drug, the Supreme Court ruled to block Biden’s workplace jab mandate. Ruling on the issue with a 6-3 vote, the Supreme Court’s decision is not only the latest hit to the Biden administration but a massive setback for the agenda to force the jab on the American workforce. 

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Tweeting the news, Clay Travis wrote, “The Supreme Court votes 6-3 to block the Biden vaccine mandate. Huge win for federalism and the constitutional rule of law in this country.” On top of his words, Travis also shared the full statement from the Supreme Court. 

Among the many reactions coming from the Supreme Court ruling, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers came up with a great idea for American workers. “Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers reported, “U.S. Supreme Court blocks Biden’s federal vaccine-or-test mandate for large businesses.” She added, “Some people are going to make a lot of money off of these large corporations. Sue sue sue.”

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Hoping that the decision would move his state to protect workers from forced jabs, Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano called for the passing of the Medical Freedom Act. “Great news! Now let’s pass the Medical Freedom Act (SB 471) in Pennsylvania so that NOBODY loses their job for being unvaccinated.”

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