On January 19th, British Columbia-based podcast host Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson had Dr. Roger Hodkinson on her show to “discuss irresponsible lockdowns and mandates by governments in North America.”

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During the appearance, the board-certified pathologist and MD of virology and medical research unloaded on what will transpire in the wake of when regular people realize when they’ve been duped for two years. In short, he said the fallout will be hellacious for the elected officials that promulgated the lockdowns and jab.

“When the late public really get to grips with how much they’ve been lied to,” he said, “how many children have died from vaccination – either now or in the next five years – when that penny starts to drop, the general public are going to be revolted. Total revulsion on how they’ve been manipulated by politicians. Political careers are going to be slaughtered. There will be blood in the gutter.

“And we’re just starting to see the start of it with Boris Johnson having to admit finally – finally – that they took the wrong direction and they’re lifting all these mandates. They’ll dress it up of course, they’ll try to find mealy-mouthed ways of explaining things – handwringing in public and so on and so on. But I’m sorry, the gig is up, we’ve got your number. You lied to us.

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“Not just a little bit, but you lied to us in major ways over a period of two years. We lost our businesses. We saw our loved ones suffer terrible complications from vaccines. We’ve seen our children denied two years of education, with lifelong consequences. We’ve seen devaluation of our currency, essentially because of inflation. We’ve seen all these horrible, horrible consequences that could’ve been totally avoided if the great Barrington Declaration had been followed from the get-go.”

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Red Voice Media would like to make a point of clarification on why we do not refer to any shot related to COVID-19 as a "vaccine." According to the CDC, the definition of a vaccine necessitates that said vaccine have a lasting effect of at least one year in preventing the contraction of the virus or disease it's intended to fight. Because all of the COVID-19 shots thus far available have barely offered six months of protection, and even then not absolute, Red Voice Media has made the decision hereafter to no longer refer to the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson substances as vaccinations.