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Whistleblower: Hospitals Killing For Organs, “This is Absolutely Evil And A Crime Against Humanity!”

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An anonymous whistleblower nurse contacted the Stew Peters Show this week after seeing the Scott Quiner attempted medical murder case unfold. This particular nurse works in case management and is in charge of her hospital’s discharge plans and medical records in the state of California. Despite being a part of the Medical Industrial Complex, This Stew Peters Show whistleblower decided it was time to come forward with the information she has found.

In an email sent to the Stew Peters Show, the whistleblower stated:

“I am an RN working in case management at _______ Hospital in California, and I know why the hospitals are killing their own patients.” Upon receiving this nurse’s horrific findings, The Stew Peters Show was able to get this whistleblower nurse to come on the show and answer the tough questions about the connection she found between the use of deadly Remdesivir, Vancomycin, and organ donors.

In the email, the whistleblower stated: “There is a link between the hospital deaths and organ harvesting in the state of California…Every patient’s license is in their medical records, and they can tell if they are organ donors or not.”

Life Sharing is an organ donor company, and this whistleblower nurse believes that many, if not all, of these Covid patients who were killed by the deadly effects of Remdesivir and Vancomycin were purposefully killed because they had Life Sharing reference numbers.

She then submitted dozens of images documenting her most recently expired patients, all of which had Life Sharing reference numbers.

She went into detail about one in particular: “On admission this patient was given 1250mg IV Vancomycin with a diagnosis of acute renal failure, never once was it sepsis nor was there a fever that was reported/charted plus given another 500mg IV vancomycin the following day. Vancomycin is a powerful antibiotic that will kill your kidneys. Patient passed away within two days.

This patient was murdered! Then this patient’s body was sent to Life sharing. I’m so disappointed with my fellow healthcare colleagues and this stuff is absolutely evil and so against our licenses, morals and crimes against humanity!

The Nurse Whistleblower stated: “I now have patients who are getting new hearts and organ transplants in 3 weeks … it usually takes years…. A human heart is worth 1.4 million, the whole body is worth 65 million dollars. Organ harvesting is a huge industry.”

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