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WHO Chief Scientist Rocks The ‘Jab The Kids’ Narrative To The Core In Just Over 90 Seconds [VIDEO]

While continuously promoting the COVID-19 jab to all adults, the Biden administration has also sought to get the youth of tomorrow to take the plunge as well. But that agenda has come under heavy criticism as data showed the COVID-19 drug does little to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Still, that hasn’t stopped President Joe Biden and the Democrats from pushing the jab on the American people and children as young as 5. Not backing down from their original COVID-19 strategy, the Biden administration’s narrative continues to crumble as the World Health Organization’s Chief Scientist recently discussed the jab and how there is NO evidence showing healthy children need a booster at all. 

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Speaking about the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential uses of the government-approved drug, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan admitted that the main focus should be protecting the most vulnerable. But the doctor didn’t stop there as in the video below, Swaminathan revealed that there is no reason a healthy child should be getting the COVID-19 booster. 

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Although WHO might be relying on science, Democrats like Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has decided to offer a new round of incentives [3] to help sway those who haven’t gotten the jab. But unlike last time, when it was aimed at adults, the new program will now promote towards children 5 to 11. Called the “Kids Deserve A Shot” campaign, the incentives will include a $200 Visa gift card and a chance to win a $100,000 scholarship. And all they have to do is get the jab. 

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