Following the advice of the Biden administration, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the Democrats when it came to COVID-19, many liberals around the country have been more than willing to mask up, get the jab multiple times, and criticize those who are still reluctant. But while they might see themselves as immune, co-host of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg, who has been one of the outspoken voices for the jab, was shocked when she tested positive for COVID-19 during the Christmas break. 

Claiming to have taken every precaution given by the Biden administration and Dr. Fauci, Goldberg, who filmed from her home, stated, “I left a couple of weeks ago, just before the break, because somebody I had been around tested positive for coronavirus, so I left. So I’ve been gone a long time, I feel. And I was all excited and, you know, they have to test us, and so they sent people to test me, and they tested me, and it was like, ‘Oh no you’re not coming back. We’re not sending anybody to your house. You have corona.’ And it was like, wait what?”

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According to Goldberg, she not only has received every jab, including the booster, but has refrained from going any places other than her house. She added, “But that’s the thing about the omicron, you just don’t know where it is. You don’t know where it is, who’s got it, who’s passing it. It’s one of those things where you think I’ve done everything I was supposed to do. Yeah, it doesn’t stop omicron, and that’s the problem with a variant, because it gets stronger and does different stuff to you, so, you know, unless everybody gets vaccinated this is what we’re going to be facing for the next, you know, little while.” 

Although Goldberg took every precaution and still contracted COVID-19, she didn’t back down from her stance about getting the jab. Blaming it mostly on the Omicron variant, Goldberg continues to push the agenda that the miracle drug promoted by Pfizer and Moderna will save the world. But remember, it doesn’t stop the spread or one being able to contract COVID-19.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on January 6, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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