MINNESOTA – On an episode of the Stew Peters Show this week, Stew made a comment that leaves us wondering: Will Stew Peters be entering the race for Minnesota Governor?

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“They’re really scared of the Stew Peters Show,” Stew told Dr. Jane on a January 19 episode. “Just like the governor here in Minnesota, we heard he’s trembling, he’s really scared of me too, he thinks I’m going to run for governor, maybe I should run for governor in Minnesota, maybe that would be a good idea.”

“You’ve got my vote Stew,” Dr. Jane replied. “Time for new blood.”

Yesterday on Telegram, Stew posted, “I should just fight for Minnesota and liberate this state. I should just run for governor and show the rest of the states how to restore power to where it inherently belongs: With the PEOPLE!”

When Red Voice Media asked Stew Peters to comment on a possible run, Stew said, “I haven’t decided yet, but if I did decide to run, I would definitely win. The rest of the field wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Watch the episode below:

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