MADISON, WI – A news report circulated Tuesday evening that had many who doubt the validity of the 2020 Presidential election jumping for joy. Unfortunately, the report was completely inaccurate.

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Late Tuesday evening, an article was published whose title started with “**HUGE BREAKING NEWS**,” and went on to say that the Wisconsin Assembly voted to “withdraw its 10 electors for Joe Biden” in the 2020 election. After what must have been a plethora of correction emails (based on social media comments), the article’s title was updated, but the contents remained the same (that is, incorrect).

The incorrect news spread fairly quickly before some started to realize it was wrong.

Now, mainstream media is using this false report to lend creed to their narrative that investigations “have found no signs of widespread voter fraud.”

The resolution in question was put forward by Representative Timothy Ramthun, Assembly Joint Resolution 120 (AJR 120). The resolution is regarding “Wisconsin election reform and reclaiming the electoral ballots for President and Vice President that were certified under fraudulent intent and purpose.”

The video used to mistakenly say the resolution was passed was actually speaking about Assembly bill 743, which has to do with online marketplaces disclosing information “related to high-volume sellers.”

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AJR 120 had already been referred to the Rules Committee before the video started. This move is required by Assembly Rules.

Representative Ramthun had attempted to call a vote on the matter during the discussion of bill 743, under item 10 on the agenda, which is out of order according to the Assembly Rules, which combines Robert’s Rules of Order, Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure, and Jefferson’s Manual.

The Speaker of the Assembly, Representative Robin Vos, pointed out Rep. Ramthun’s error and returned the meeting to correct order. He called a vote on whether Assembly Bill 743, having been read three times, should be passed.

THAT is what passed unanimously, and nothing else was done about or said on AJR 120.

Republican Representative Jim Steineke, who is the chairman of the Rules Committee, shared the article on social media with the caption, “No, no we didn’t,” with the emoji of an eye roll after it.

Further, Steineke said in another tweet, “Rep Ramthun just attempted to pass an Assembly resolution to recall WI’s presidential electors. Not only is it illegal, it’s just plain unconstitutional. As chair of the Rules Committee, there is ZERO chance I will advance this illegal resolution. #EndofStory”

For more context, the Legislative Process in Wisconsin states, “A bill is introduced and given its first reading before it is referred to a committee. After the bill is reported out of committee and scheduled for floor action, it must be given a second reading, at which time amendments may be offered and considered. The bill itself is considered for passage after the third reading.”

AJR 120 was introduced on January 25 and went through its first reading. It was then sent to the Rules Committee for research. It still sits in the Rules Committee and has not been assigned a date on the calendar for a hearing. Approximately 50% of bills sent to committees actually get heard during a legislative session in Wisconsin.

The Rules Committee consists of nine Republicans:

and six Democrats:

Of course, pressure from the public can always help a bill get out of committee, and The Gateway Pundit shared contact information for the legislative hotline: “In Madison, dial 266-9960. Toll-free, call 1-800-362-9472.”

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