For the last year, America has had to sit and watch in horror the atrocities that the US Government commits against their own people. We saw Medical Murder occur under the guise of “CDC protocols” and all of our hearts broke as we watched Scott Quiner’s life finally succumb to months of starvation and sedation at the care of Mercy Hospital.

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And let’s not forget our political prisoners who are being abused by African migrant jail guards in the DC Gulags. Jake Lang just today released a statement he was able to sneak out from through his friend with iPad privileges:

Jake Lang’s message to the American people on January 22nd, 2022:

“They cut off my phone again… unbearable tyranny, lack of justice and due process violations here in DC GITMO. Americans need to do something!!! I have no access to my attorney or family and LOCKED in a cell for 24 hours a day for rejecting a covid test. They have robbed me of every shred of humanity and stolen my voice. My precious first amendment is 100% GONE! They have silenced me in every possible way. Totalitarian regime torturing patriotic prisoners on America soil, down the street from the Capitol of this once great Republic.  Disgusted with my treatment doesn’t even begin to explain it. Dogs in kennels have more rights then I do. I haven’t even been found guilty of a crime!! They have accused me of a crime, thrown me in a dungeon for over a year, cut me off from my family with ZERO visits, taken my voice to talk to the media and my family, denied me access to even talk to my attorney, and stuck me in solitary confinement for MONTHS at a time with no human contact. Once they threw me in the hole for 3 months for saying a patriotic speech!! They have pepper sprayed me for asking for Bible study!! They have punched me in the gut for singing the national anthem!!!  This is America if you are a Trump supporter or conservative!!! They want to do this to all the moms who stand up at school board meetings!! But STILL, God is a present help in all danger and gives me hope and strength, come now LORD. Our only hope is you Jesus. You are a faithful God and will not forsake me.”

How did we allow it to get this far? How did we allow literal demons to elevate themselves to positions of power to operate as corporate puppets and mad scientists running sick and demented experiments on their own population? It seems that there is no sense of humanity left.

Politicians who work in “public service” are terrified of being confronted by the public. They gas light you, they lie to you, and when it comes between choosing their corporate donors and serving We the People, they chose the money every single time. There is no humanity left in the U.S. Government. It’s time we start naming and shaming EVERY traitor we come across. Murderous doctors, corrupt politicians, and Government officials. It’s time to disrupt their lives, because they have inhumanely and shamelessly destroyed ours. I’m not even entirely sure people like Dr. Fauci or CDC Director Rochelle Walensky are even human, But I definitely know those African DC jail guards aren’t, they don’t even get paid that much- they just abuse White Trump supporters and Christians simply because they like it.

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Pray, be bold, and get ready to make their lives miserable. For far too long, the Luciferian Regime has preyed on our Christian Compassion. They don’t want us to ever say “mean” things or be emboldened enough to go on the offensive. Never forget that Jesus flipped tables and whipped greedy merchants in His Father’s house. America belongs to the Lord, and every person operating in the Regime’s darkness should fear the public shaming that we are about to bring down on them all. Those who have lost all humanity feel nothing, but they hate to be humiliated and have their pride damaged- and it’s long passed time for us to return the favor for everything they have put us through. This is a call to arms for all citizen journalists to start digging up dirt on our oppressors- real, reputation destroying dirt. When the Scott Quiner doctors were getting hounded by the Stew Peters audience, they feared for their reputations, immediately caved, and released Scott to another hospital. The damage on Scott’s body had already been done, but we learned a valuable lesson: Pressure works.

It’s time to start flipping the tables of these vile merchants. The Regime will start answering to us as we fight to expose them and publicly humiliate them all.

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