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On the Wednesday edition of the Stew Peters Show, biotech analyst Karen Kingston revealed that the DARPA documents leaked through Project Veritas not only prove that Covid-19 a bioweapon, but also that it was meant to be deployed as a weaponized aerosol.

“SARS CoV-2 is a vaccine, the original formulation, in this document, is an aerosol formulation, so the primary mode for infecting people … theoretically would be spraying an area, such as a New York City subway station,” Kingston shockingly concluded. “That would be an optimal way of disseminating what they are calling the vaccine.”

Stew was also joined by Anne Quiner, whose husband is being handed a death sentence by Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, through the disconnection of his ventilator. They have even shamed Anne and her husband Scott for not getting vaccinated.

We encourage the readers and viewers of Red Voice Media to blow this hospital’s phone lines off the hook so that we may stop this murder from happening. Below is the address of the hospital as well as the numbers to call:

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Mercy Hospital
4050 Coon Rapids Blvd
Coon Rapids MN 55433
Main line: 763-236-6000

Scott Quiner is in the Heart and Vascular Center
Their number is 763-236-8800
Heather is the Care Coordinator: 763-236-8321

Stew also spoke with Maria Zeee, the shows’ on-the-ground reporter in Australia, about the expansion of construction of Covid concentration camps.

“I am certainly growing more concerned, Stew, that there will be targeting not only of Anti-vaxxers but Christians. And that these camps may be purposed for that reason.” Maria Zee said during the interview.

Paul Helinski, the founder of, joined the Stew Peters Show on Wednesday and warned that in just a year, Joe Biden’s ATF has amassed records on more than 54 million gun sales in the United States. Helinski believes the only plausible purpose of this is creating a de facto national gun registry for the sake of mass confiscations.

“The biggest problem we have is that most right-wingers, most freedom-loving Americans think it can’t happen here,” Helinski told Stew Peters.

Lastly, Dr. Jane Ruby joined the show to answer questions about the PCR fraud, chain of custody of test vials, and COVID reinfection.

“I’ve seen a couple of cases. First of all, when we say, got Covid, or diagnosed with Covid, were really on shaky ground because I always have to keep reminding people that the PCR test is not a validated diagnostic test, in fact, there is no validated diagnostic test on the planet for Covid, flu disease, or whatever that is,” Dr. Ruby told Stew.

All this and more on the Wednesday edition of the Stew Peters Show, live on!

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