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Wednesday on the Stew Peters Show, human rights attorney Leigh Dundas joined Stew to deliver truth bombs against a poorly manufactured coverup, regarding mandatory vaccination killing troops.

“All disease categories combined in the US military, we had 1.7 million incidents of disease and injury across all disease categories in those preceding 5 years, of course in the beginning of 2021, the US military mandated the vaccine and in the first ten months, those numbers shot up from a very stable 1.7 million to nearly 22 million,” Leigh Dundas told Stew Peters.

Stew was also joined by Tracey and David Ferguson, the parents of 31-year-old DJ Ferguson, a father of three, a husband, and a man fighting for his life, and a new heart. His parents told Stew the harrowing story of how he was removed from the heart transplant list because he refused vaccination, something that very well could have killed him!

“Imagine being so depraved that you want to force this shot on a guy with a failing heart,” Stew Peters said Wednesday. “If Dr. Mengele-Fauci came out and said that bee stings were the cure to Covid, these sickos would be forcing every child with a bee allergy to be stung twenty times to attend school, and they’d call Epi-Pens horse medicine.”

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“It is love that will conquer all, can one man’s heart change the world Stew? I think my boys can, because love will defeat hate, it is love that will do it, love conquers all,” David Ferguson passionately told Stew Peters.

Stew was also joined by Freedom Flyers’ Joshua Yoder to discuss the threat against the military pilots, their civilian counterparts, and passengers as the vaccine mandates continue.

“The attitude of the Biden Administration and those others in charge is that rising plane crashes is nothing compared to making sure people obey,” Stew Peters said Wednesday. “Pilots have been on here, on this program, reporting pilot medical emergencies in the air, deaths at the controls, during mid-flight, on commercial jets loaded with hundreds of souls.”

Lastly, biotech analyst Karen Kingston joined the Stew Peters Show to reveal ground-breaking information that she uncovered while researching the reports from Pfizer and Moderna on the SEC site.

She discovered that there are three contracts totaling $3.5 Billion dollars dedicated to the development of the Covid-19 Vaccines, with a “test manufacturing run” of 100 million shots for each contract, some of these contracts can be traced all the way back to 2016.

“Sue the ever-loving hell out of these people, they’re taking your lives away from you, they’re taking your livelihoods away from you, they’re killing your friends, your family, they’re killing your loved ones, they’re coming after your kids with this, they’re depleting our military, sue the ever-loving hell out of them, and then indict them, try them, a fry now,” Stew Peters told Karen. “Indict, try, fry, that’s what everybody needs to be screaming right now.”

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