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Airbnb Commies Ban Malkin, LTC Scheller Speaks Out, Mask Damage On Kids, Unvaxxed Called Crazy

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Monday on the Stew Peters Show, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller joined Stew to discuss the decay from within one of America’s oldest and proudest institutions: the military.

“For the last hundred years, the United States has dictated the world order,” LTC Scheller told Stew Peters. “Since post-WWII, our margin of advantage has decreased over the last 10-20 years specifically.”

“You look at TikTok, and you look at Instagram, and some of these other sites and you see these military personnel from our armed forces dancing, and doing vaccine propaganda and transgender, gay, dance-line videos; are these the people we’re trusting with the future of our country?” Stew told LTC Scheller. “Has the military been gutted that badly that all that’s left is these woke, obey-ers?”

Dr. Jane Ruby [3] joined Stew to share a study proving once and for all what all sane parents already knew: face masks aren’t just suffocating kids, they are also mentally damaging them.

“Brown looked at a thousand children – I mean that’s not a small number of children,” Dr. Ruby explained to Stew Peters on Monday. “They found that there was a 23% drop – Stew that’s a quarter of your loss of cognition – a 23% drop in scores measuring kid’s intelligence quotients from the beginning of the pandemic.”

Michelle ‘Groyper Mom’ Malkin joined Stew to discuss her recent ban from the services of Airbnb.

“Let’s be real about something,” Stew Peters told Malkin. “The biggest reason Republicans like to complain about China is because it lets them feel tough when they’re too weak to seriously stand up against authoritarianism right here in America.”

And, medical murder survivor Shamgar Connors returned to the show to share how the hospital is now not only denying him a kidney for being unvaxxed, they are also trying to get him classified as crazy. Also, he shared how the ghouls in Marxist media, in this case Inside Edition, tried to ambush him instead of helping his cause.

“I think we just had such good answers that they couldn’t really twist what we were saying as much as they wanted to,” Connors Shamgar told Stew. “But they definitely were trying! They were trying to make my wife look like she was absolutely crazy; they’re like ‘you’re a nurse, you’re just going to let your husband die? You’re not going to do anything to save him?’ like, just crazy stuff!”

“41,163 people have been permanently disabled from this shot,” Stew said to Connors. “Forty one thousand have been permanently disabled; and that is only according to the CDC’s vaccine adverse event reporting system, which we know is less than 1% reported according to a Harvard study – of all places.”

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