OLYMPIA, WA – Washington State Representative Joel McEntire (19th legislative district) posted to Facebook Saturday announcing that Democrat House Speaker Laurie Jinkins announced that prayer at the Capitol could no longer be done “in the name of Jesus.”

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According to an email from Julie Barrett with Conservative Ladies of Washington (CLW), there has been “a small handful of radical left Democrats in the House who are terrorizing Speaker of the House, Laurie Jinkins and Representative Pat Sullivan with complaints about prayers that mention the name of Jesus.”

Meanwhile, Laurie Jinkins’ profile photo on Facebook includes a frame promoting the Marxist group, Black Lives Matter, as well as phrases such as “All genders are whole, holy, & good.”

“Washington Democrats,” McEntire said. “So inclusive, they have kicked Jesus out of the Capitol.”

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In a comment on the post, Rep. McEntire said, “[T]here was no vote. The Speaker unilaterally acted to stop Republicans from praying [in the name of Jesus].”

Red Voice Media spoke with 17th legislative district Representative Vicki Kraft, who said, “What the Democrats are trying to do is completely unconstitutional and just plain wrong! More of the same from them, and it’s why we have most of the problems we have.”

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We also spoke with 19th legislative district representative Jim Walsh, who said, “In recent years, the legislative majority in Olympia has staggered down the far left of the political spectrum. I say ‘staggered’ because it’s not a coordinated movement. A small group of radicals has used threats, intimidation, and ultimatums to pull their colleagues into extreme political stances.

“That’s what we understand has happened in this sorry episode. Two or three of their members have forced their caucus to take a shockingly intolerant position. Someone on their side needs to take a stand for true tolerance. Otherwise, their whole caucus will end up driving off of a political cliff.”

As most people know, the First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees American citizens’ rights of freedom of speech as well as freedom of religion. Further, the Washington State Constitution guarantees the same, with Section 5 (freedom of speech) and Section 11 (freedom of “religious sentiment, belief, and worship”).

In an email to Representatives Jinkins and Pat Sullivan, CLW’s Barrett said, “Your request to our Republican representatives is in violation of our state constitution. This is intolerance and extremism from the radical left Democrats in your party and does not represent the majority of people in Washington – whether they are professing Christians or not.

“You have a responsibility to stand up to these intolerant representatives. You have a responsibility to allow every state representative their constitutional rights. I would like a response from both of you as to how you will resolve this issue.”

RVM reached out to Jinkins’ office for comment but has not received an answer at this time.

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