PHOENIX, AZ – According to reports, Arizona Republican State Senator Wendy Rogers’ bill to have the border wall constructed passed the senate, marking a huge victory for securing the border in Arizona.

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SB 1032, which was first introduced in the state senate back in January, had passed in a 16-12 vote in favor on February 23rd following the third reading of the bill, which the bill will now move forward to the state House.

According to the text of the bill, $700 million will be pulled from Arizona’s general fund to establish a wall along the southern border.

“Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona: Section 1. Appropriation; border security fund; physical border fence. The sum of $700,000,000 is appropriated from the state general fund in fiscal year 2022-2023 to the border security fund established by section 26-105, Arizona Revised Statutes, to administer and manage the construction and maintenance of a physical border fence pursuant to section 26-105, subsection A, paragraph 5, Arizona Revised Statutes.”

Following the passing of the bill in the state senate, Sen. Rogers took to Twitter to extend accolades to her senate colleagues who voted in favor of the measure.

“My bill to build the wall on state lands in Arizona passed the Arizona Senate. Amazing courage to all of the AYES. Thank you all. #BuildTheWall”

Rep. Paul Gosar congratulated Sen. Wendy Rogers for the accomplishment via Twitter as well.

“Yes! Great job [Sen. Wendy Rogers], [[Sen. Sonny Borrelli], [Sen. Nancy Barto] and the rest of you! The number one job of government is to keep the people safe.”

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Frustrations with the Biden administration over perceived inaction regarding the southern border in Arizona have been a hot topic in recent months, with Governor Doug Ducey commenting on the matter during his State of the State Address in January.

After pointing out that the Biden administration has effectively turned a blind eye on the border crisis impacting Arizonans, Governor Ducey announced plans to roll out a “a multifaceted, coordinated effort to stem the flow of illegal drugs and curb human trafficking,” according to his January press release.

Among those announced plans included increasing penalties for human smuggling, erect additional infrastructure and barriers along the border, and establishing a “Border Strike Force.”

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