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Biden’s Recent Anti-Gun Agenda Comments Shredded With Cannon Fire In Epic ‘Florida Man’ 2A Ad [VIDEO]

At the beginning of February, after Democrats called for a “reset” on the Biden Presidency, it appeared that Joe Biden decided to push forward with yet another liberal agenda surrounding gun control. Instead of harping on the importance of law enforcement and condemning criminals, Biden focused on guns being the reason for the surge in crime. But while the push to restrict which weapons are made available to Americans, Biden seemed to make a rather interesting statement. 

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During his speech [2] in New York City, Biden noted, “There’s no violation of the Second Amendment right. We talk like. There’s no amendment that’s absolute. When the amendment was passed it didn’t say anybody can own a gun, any kind of gun, and any kind of weapon. You couldn’t buy a cannon when this amendment was passed so there’s no reason why you should be able to buy certain assault weapons. But that’s another issue.” 

Although Biden quickly moved on from his statement, Martin Hyde, who is currently a congressional candidate in Florida, challenged the President on the notion that a person couldn’t own a cannon. Instead of debating the issue, Hyde, who was once a professional soccer player in the U.K., decided to not only show his support for the Second Amendment, but he did so by firing an M1841 6-pounder field gun. In short – a cannon.

Take a look. 

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Hoping to beat Congressman Vern Buchannan in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections, Hyde spoke with Pro-Guns News and admitted, “Joe Biden has never respected our constitution or the founding principles that make this nation so great. As President, he’s simply a mentally unwell marionette being controlled by Marxists who want to destroy America. As a United States Congressman I will never waiver when it comes to protecting our constitutional rights. Defeating establishment hacks like the gun hating and cravenly corrupt Vern Buchanan is just the beginning in our efforts to restore America’s greatness.”

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