SACRAMENTO, CA – The board of a soccer program in California, Natomas Fútbol Academy (NFA), launched a fundraising effort that involved the sale of sex toys and products.

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Wendy Hill, the secretary of the NFA, is reportedly a sales consultant of sorts for Pure Romance, a mother-and-son operated sex toy company that encourages women to “take charge of their sexual health.” She mentioned the idea of using sales from the lubricants, creams, and sex toys company as a donation to the soccer club.

“I take the profit that would have been mine as the Pure Romance consultant, and I personally write that check as my donation to the club,” Hill said. It’s a fairly common thing for direct sales companies to do.

Parents reached out after learning of the fundraiser and said they didn’t think it was appropriate. In a statement to local news outlet KCRA News, the parents said, “After communicating with several other Natomas FA families, we feel that integrating a youth sports fundraiser with an adult toy vendor was ill-advised.

“We hope that the Natomas FA board will strongly consider ending this fundraiser with all due haste, as well as giving more thorough scrutiny to any and all fundraising campaigns moving forward.”

“This is supposed to help bring in some money,” Hill said. “Some parents are choosing to turn it into something super horrible.”

Further, Jonathan Keller, president of California Family Council, said, “Any parent would be rightly outraged to see their children selling these items. It’s hard to believe this even needs to be said, but no youth program should use minors to sell sex toys.”

By way of apology, Hill said, “We’re really sorry that this isn’t something that you support. We’ll try to do a better time next time.”

The Facebook post promoting the fundraiser, which has now been deleted, read, “Less than 3 weeks until Valentine’s Day! Support Natomas Futbol Academy by purchasing your See’s Candies and Pure Romance gifts here! Each fundraiser that we do keeps us working towards our goal of keeping our fees low so ‘everyone plays soccer!'”

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On Pure Romance’s website, they state that having a product “party” accomplishes the following: “Learn how to elevate your self-care routine, explore your sexuality, and connect with yourself and/or your partner in new, exciting ways.”

The company also runs a “wellness blog” called Live Alive, which is essentially Seventeen Magazine on Viagra.

Perhaps coincidentally, but perhaps not, the company’s website brags about being seen on CNN, which has recently seen multiple pedophilia scandals among high-ranking executives.

There should be no question that linking sales from this company to children’s sports is completely inappropriate. Although they ended the fundraiser when parents complained, Hill gave a half-hearted apology that was more condescending to parents than apologetic. It’s unclear at this time if parents will demand further action, such as Hill’s resignation.

Red Voice Media reached out to Pure Romance for comment but have not heard back at this time.

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