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Candace Owens Lights Up CPAC As She Wrecks The ‘Trust The Experts’ Narrative – We Are The Experts [VIDEO]

ORLANDO, FL – During her February 25th appearance at CPAC, author and conservative commentator Candace Owens slammed the mainstream media and the self-purported purveyors of truth and science, saying that when it comes to our children, “we are the experts.”

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Owens set the stage with a recounting of just how quickly Americans wound up giving up their rights as parents “in the era of COVID.”

“It has never been clearer, especially over these last two years in the era of COVID, just how much power we as parents have ceded to the government. Then there’s that fashionable brainwash which we see at home when you’re watching the pollution of the mainstream media narrative that tells us we ought to just ‘trust the experts’, right?”

She continued on with the media narrative she likened to brainwashing, paraphrasing the continued messaging that has been peddled over the past two years by the so-called “experts.”

“Trust the experts, don’t even think about it. Go to work, trust the experts, here’s what you need to know – you need to put a filthy cloth over the mouth of your innocent child. Trust the experts on the second dose, the third dose, the fourth dose, the never-ending doses of the vaccine – just trust the experts and don’t ask questions because you’re not smart enough to understand this. The ever-changing, minute by minute science. The Fauci science, the Bill Gates science – trust the experts.”

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Following her recitation of the media narrative, Owens hammered down the point that no matter how many times the media and “experts” assert they know what’s best for our children, it is the parents who are the experts when it comes to their children.

“When it comes to our children, we are the experts, we make the decisions.”

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