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Cringey COVID Cult Karen And Cuck Go Viral For All The Wrong Reasons With Their Pro Jab TikTok Cheer [VIDEO]

Throughout the ongoing efforts from the Biden administration to convince people to get the COVID-19 jab, Americans have been standing up for their right to medical freedom. And although the government might want the public to believe this is just a small group of individuals, protests are happening all over the world as people fight the government overreach. With protests, passionate speeches, and even music videos, the movement to stop governments from forcing a drug on the general public appears to only be growing. But while more and more people stand up, those who are in favor of the jab decided to do some public relations, and needless to say – it was a little embarrassing. 

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In the video below, two people who call themselves doctors released a TikTok cheer that was all about the importance of getting the COVID-19 jab, keeping the kids safe, and defeating the virus. The only problem, while their routine might have been planned out, their over-the-top antics made them appear unhinged. They even mocked how supposedly people are not listening to doctors like them anymore and going to social media for their medical advice. 

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This wasn’t the only video to promote the COVID-19 agenda. Being that famed Dr. Anthony Fauci has placed himself at the front of the pandemic, one man created an entire song based around how Dr. Fauci and the so-called miracle drug would save humanity from the coronavirus and end the lockdowns. To date, in some places, lockdowns are still being instituted and COVID-19 hasn’t stopped from spreading. 

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