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Dr. Robert Malone: ‘We’ve Known How To Cure COVID Since About March Of 2020’

During a recent interview [1] with Just The News, Dr. Robert Malone said that the sudden shift by Democrats to reverse the likes of mandates is a direct response to “horrible polling numbers” and further claimed [2], “We’ve known how to cure Covid since about March of 2020.”

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When Dr. Malone speculated on the shifting take regarding Covid as it pertains to Democrats, he called the embracing of dropping mask mandates and the sort “a clear pivot consequent to their horrible polling numbers.”

Dr. Malone added that what’s transpiring with regard to the now more widely adopted abandoning of various mandates across the country was something he “predicted” would be the telltale sign that the pandemic-panic was being discarded.

“It’s exactly what I predicted when people were asking me, ‘How will we know when this thing is over?’ I’ve said, ‘Well, you’ll know it because they’ll all start giving awards to each other and claiming that they’re the ones that are responsible for curing it.'”

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Dr. Malone also commented on the recent Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) data [5] that came by way of three military medical whistleblowers which revealed significant increases in instances of miscarriages, myocarditis, cancer diagnoses, Bell’s palsy, and fertility issues with members of the military in 2021 – with said timeline coinciding with jab mandates.

The mRNA pioneer noted that “Lt. Col. Theresa Long and some of her colleagues” began looking into DMED data while trying “to understand what they were seeing with their own warfighter communities that they were sworn to protect as physicians.”

Further, he said, “And they were seeing signals that were unusual, and so they consulted the DMED database and were shocked to find enormous increases in 2021, when the vaccine mandates were implemented to the military, compared to 2020 in a wide variety of diseases, including cancers, things related to reproduction and female reproductive health.”

Dr. Malone also commented on the December report [6] that exposed how NIH Director Francis Collins, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and NIAID Deputy Director for Clinical Research and Special Projects Dr. Clifford Lane tried to discredit the epidemiologists behind the Great Barrington Declaration [7] – with Dr. Malone mocking how Fauci and the others tried calling these epidemiologists “fringe.”

“They slandered and defamed those three as ‘fringe’ epidemiologists, but they happen to be full professors at the obscure universities Oxford, Stanford and Harvard, I believe…And please note that neither Dr. Fauci nor Dr. Collins nor Dr. Lane have any formal training in epidemiology.”

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