NEW YORK CITY, NY – The head of the FDNY union is reportedly seeking an investigation into three recent department deaths to determine if the COVID jab – that was mandated by the city – played a role in these firefighters’ passing.

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Uniformed Fire Officers Association President James McCarthy is seeking the aforementioned investigation with respect to two firefighters who unexpectedly died in December and another firefighter who died unexpectedly earlier in February.

The first passing in question was that of 31-year-old Vincent Malveaux, a probationary firefighter who died on December 3rd after what was described as a “medical emergency” that occurred while he was at the FDNY Training Academy the morning prior.

New York City Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro conveyed after Malveaux’s death that Malveaux was participating in functional skills training when he felt ill roughly three-quarters into the course and passed out.

Malveaux apparently never regained consciousness thereafter and passed at approximately 6:30 a.m. the day after the medical incident. His cause of death was later ruled as the result of an apparent seizure.

Weeks later, 53-year-old Lt. Joe Maiello was found unconscious on December 26th at Engine Company 163 and Ladder Company 83, which the 22-year veteran firefighter was also later declared deceased. Maiello’s cause of death was later cited as “an apparent heart attack.”

On February 16th, 33-year-old Jesse Gerhard had suddenly collapsed at his firehouse in Far Rockaway, with other firefighters attempting to revive him via CPR. Sadly, Gerhard was pronounced deceased after arriving at the hospital. Preliminary reports state he died after having suffered a heart attack.

The union president remarked on how these are “significant amount” of deaths for the fire department to endure in such a short span of time.

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“That’s a significant amount of people in a very short time. The vaccine is a concern with our members because it is something new that is being put into our bodies. It could be a factor.”

McCarthy reportedly wants the FDNY to provide the union with all relevant information pertaining to the decedents’ COVID jab history, so as that any possible connection to these firefighters’ death and the jab can be thoroughly vetted.

An FDNY spokesperson has reportedly confirmed that they’ll work with the Uniformed Fire Officers Association – and any other union, for that matter – to investigate such.

“The health and safety of FDNY members is paramount.”

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