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iHeart Radio Cancels Radio Station That Refuses To Drop Show Hosted By Stew Peters

This week, iHeart Radio canceled an entire radio station, and the shows that go with it, due to the station failing to cancel the Stew Peters-hosted show they aired regularly. This, after iHeart Radio and Spotify both canceled the hosting of the Stew Peters Show [1] without warning or explanation last month and last fall, respectively.

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Mojo 5-0 [3] is self-described Libertarian Talk Radio. “Mojo 5-0 Radio was born out of love for this great country,” the website says. “This is NOT your grandparent’s talk radio. Mojo 5-0 is edgy, provocative and will hit you with the truth… right between the eyes.”

Apparently, the truth is not a topic iHeart radio can get on board with, as they told the station that they wanted Mojo 5-0 to drop Patriotically Correct Radio show (PC Radio) hosted by Stew Peters and Richard Leonard.

Essentially threatening Mojo 5-0 Program Director Beth Knott, iHeart said they were “sure” she would make the “right decision” in dropping PC Radio. Further, they refused to put anything in writing, only communicating with Beth via telephone, telling her they didn’t want “to get lawyers involved.”

When Beth asked what the show did to warrant getting completely dumped, they had no available answer aside from saying only that Stew Peters is “dangerous misinformation.”

Meanwhile, the platform continues to host an array of podcasts [4] aimed to entertain the alphabet world, LGBTQ etc., with titles such as “Like a Virgin,” featuring men dressed as women on the featured image, “Getting Curious” with Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye and Gay of Thrones, “Queerified,” “Him,” hosted by “four gay black men,” “The Bald and the Beautiful” featuring two drag queens as the featured image, “Gayish,” and “Gender Reveal” aimed at entertaining “nonbinary and transgender folks,” to name a few.

Further, while deeming Peters’ show as “disinformation,” they proudly flaunt hosts such as America-hating Joy Reid, who is too far left even for MSNBC [5], “Sorry not Sorry” with Alyssa Milano [6], who famously speaks out against essentially any conservative value with anger and hatred, and The Young Turks [7], who advocate that Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is harmful to the dwarf community.

IHeart has an entire section of podcasts dedicated to “Climate,” and a show dedicated to the elitist of the elite, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, and even Oprah and Arianna Huffington. They have racist [8] programs meant [9] only for black [10] people or black women [11]. They allow Marxist takeover podcasts like vagina-smelling candle [12] creator Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop [13] which recently featured [14] disgraced former Black Lives Matter leader Patrisse Cullors.

Of course, they have mainstream Covid-19 agenda shows, including the US Department of Health and Human Services’ “Immunity in Our Community [15],” as well as “Coronavirus: The Latest,” “Covid 411,” “Epidemic,” and “Covid-19 Vaccine Education.”

But Stew Peters is dangerous.

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“It’s completely satanic, it’s demonic,” Peters said when Red Voice Media spoke with him. “They have no reasonable explanation for canceling my show other than they don’t want people hearing the truth. Well, that and they’re a propaganda arm of the globalist machine dedicated to destroying freedom, truth, and Christianity.”

When Beth informed Stew of this, he offered to pull off of the Mojo 5-0 platform. He wanted to give her an out to protect her station. Beth refused to bow down to the bullying thugs, and allowed them to shut down the station, which they of course did.

“That’s commitment,” Peters said. “[My] show is an hour a day. They’re willing to blow up an entire 24-hour radio station just to take down this show, to silence our voice. Nobody has ever been forced to listen to this show.”

Since iHeart has jumped on the censorship bandwagon, several of the shows featured on Mojo 5-0 via iHeart’s platform will now be aired on a new platform called Roar Nation, along with The Stew Peters Show, The Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Shots Fired with Deanna Lorraine, and more. These can be accessed at www.StewPeters.com [17].

Peters is geared up and ready for the fight that will undoubtedly be coming to him in the near future over this platform and these shows. “Bring it,” he said. “We’re already on the winning team. These Satan-worshipping demonic globalists that want to crush your freedom, the pedophiles and freak show trannies that get off on forcing masks on your kids and grooming them into mutilating themselves or hating their skin color, and the so-called elites and fossils ripping off the lunch-pale-carrying, hard working patriots and forcing shots onto the entire American populace think they’ve picked a fight with Stew Peters, but they’re wrong.

“They’ve picked a fight with Almighty God, and He has already won. So bring it.”

Red Voice Media reached out to iHeart for comment but has not received a response at the time of this writing. We don’t anticipate to hear back from them, as we also reached out over a month ago when they canceled The Stew Peters Show originally.

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