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Investigations Incoming? GOP Leader Lists Off What Happens When Republicans Win The House in 2022 [VIDEO]

The Democrats and especially the Biden administration continue to act as if 2022 is a “reset” on the dismal performance of Joe Biden in 2021. But while the left wants nothing more than to forget about the disaster at the Southern border and the failure to force Americans to get the COVID-19 jab, the Democrats are quickly approaching the 2022 midterm elections. And thanks to the Biden administration, most polls have the GOP gaining heavy ground and retaking D.C.

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But according to Representative Kevin McCarthy, winning the midterms is just the beginning for Republicans. 

Speaking with Fox News, McCarthy was asked about the future plans of the GOP if they are able to win the midterm election and take back the House. While host Maria Bartiromo dropped a bombshell that the Biden family received a whopping $31 million from the Chinese Communist Party, in the video below, McCarthy went much deeper into what awaits Biden come this November. 

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Listing a number of issues facing the Biden administration, McCarthy admitted that the GOP would create a truly bipartisan committee that represented a single voice of America. Following that, the investigations into the Biden administration and family would revolve around China stealing precious minerals and medical supplies, the origins of COVID-19, and the withdrawal in Afghanistan that left 13 Service Members dead. McCarthy didn’t stop there as he added the decisions being made could go much deeper than just the Biden family.   

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