AICHI, JP – A recent report from Reuters notes that a Japanese trading and pharmaceuticals company, Kowa Company, Ltd, has claimed that Ivermectin has shown an “antiviral effect” against COVID – to include the Omicron variant – in what Reuters described as “joint non-clinical research.”

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Kowa Company has reportedly been working with Tokyo-based Kitasato University on testing Ivermectin’s benefits with respect to being used as a potential treatment for COVID.

Apparently, no further details have been afforded by Kowa Company outside of mentioning that Ivermectin has demonstrated an “antiviral effect” against Omicron and other COVID variants, and clinical trials are still ongoing.

Ever since treatments like Ivermectin for COVID became injected into the pandemic equation, government institutions like the FDA have been putting up a sort of anti-Ivermectin campaign alongside mainstream media outlets slandering anyone who dares to entertain it as a means to treat the virus.

However, as Red Voice Media reported back in late January, medical professionals have been claiming to see success with Ivermectin and other deemed controversial methods of treating COVID.

Dr. Ben Marble, the founder of, proclaimed last month that his team of doctors have treated over 150,000 COVID patients by way of things like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine – telling a panel hosted by Senator Ron Johnson that the early treatment methods are effective.

“We deliver the early treatment protocols to them as early as we can, and we have a 99.99 percent survival rate,” he said. “So, I believe, the free volunteered doctors have settled the science on this—early treatment works, period.”

Furthermore, a myriad of medical professionals attended and spoke at the “Defeat the Mandates” event that was held back in D.C. on January 23rd, which among those was Dr. Mary Bowden who professed to the crowd about how she used treatments like Ivermectin for her patients with success – and was punished as a result.

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“I’ve treated in the last six months over 2,000 patients with COVID,” she said. “I have helped them – I’ve given them monoclonal antibodies, that dirty word that we all know, what is it? What’s that word – Ivermectin. I’ve been giving them breathing treatments and I’ve been keeping people out of the hospital.

“And for that, Houston Methodist suspended my privileges. And they did it over Twitter. Medical freedom has been hijacked by hospitals, by insurance companies, by the government, and by big pharma. Doctors, now is the time to stand up and save our profession.”

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