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Male Karen Loses His Marbles, Canadian Trucker: ‘The Honking Will Continue Until Freedom Improves’ [VIDEOS]

The common theme being promoted by numerous governments is that the groups of individuals protesting COVID-19 mandates and forced jabs are nothing more than people who are uneducated, racist, misinformed, and above all else – a small group. That rhetoric was seen over the last week when Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, tried to downplay a massive convoy called the “Freedom Truckers” heading into Ottawa. But while the governments might suggest these protestors are unhinged and prone to violence, a video was recently uploaded showing a man going ballistic over the truckers protesting and honking their horns.

Take a look.

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What makes the video above so interesting is the fact that the man who is trying to promote the COVID-19 mandates appeared to be more irate and unhinged than the protestors. Even the protestors couldn’t match his intensity as one of them can be heard telling him world peace is the answer. But any time the man’s theories were questioned, he completely lost it. 

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As for PM Trudeau, he made another statement about the convoy that was much larger than he anticipated. Unlike the other protests he took part in, like Black Lives Matter, the Prime Minister admitted he wasn’t entertaining the Freedom Truckers because he believed they were Nazis and supposedly destroying war memorials.

Making some serious accusations against the group, Steve Bannon welcomed one of the truckers on his show, The War Room, and not that surprisingly, the man’s memory of the protests differed greatly from Trudeau. Instead of being a group of Nazis, causing violence, looting, and defacing memorials, the trucker noted that some helped shovel snow and keep the streets clean over the weekend. 

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