It was the Biden administration and news outlets like CNN that helped promote the numerous restrictions surrounding COVID-19. The mask mandates, lockdowns, and even the supposed miracle COVID-19 drug was all meant to defeat the coronavirus and allow people to get back to normal. But time and time again, the masks were shown not to work, the lockdowns proved to be essentially useless, and the COVID-19 jab doesn’t stop the virus from being contracted or spread.

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While the Biden administration has been wrong on multiple fronts and CNN continues to push their narratives, both parties remain unscathed by Big Tech, who believe themselves to be the gatekeepers of misinformation. 

In the video, which is featured below, Dr. Vernon Colman discussed how the media was reacting to the data and science proving their narrative to be nothing more than government overreach. It should be noted that Dr. Colman has been banned by most social media platforms. The Doctor even admitted that most accounts in his name on Twitter and Telegram are nothing more than fakes. 

Still, not worrying about what the media thinks of him or how Big Tech tried to silence him, Dr. Coleman stated,  “Back in December 2020 I warned that the mRNA Covid jabs could cause a huge number of serious adverse events – including myocarditis, heart attacks and strokes. The warning, the first in the world I believe, was largely ignored. Doctors sneered and ignored it and fact checkers denied it – even though the warning was based on evidence from the American Government.”

The doctor added, “And then a few months ago I revealed evidence proving the link between the Covid jabs and myocarditis. The video had over a million views on Brand New Tube alone. Once again, however, the mainstream media ignored the evidence.”

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While not startled by the reaction of the media, it did surprise Dr. Coleman that outlets started giving outlandish excuses for the side effects. “The Evening Standard in London says that up to 300,000 people are facing heart related illnesses due to something called Post Pandemic Stress Disorder. It’s even got an acronym PPSD so you know it’s real.”

And surprisingly, it wasn’t just the Evening Standard, “‘Wales online’ reports that TV doctor Amir Khan, whom I have dealt with in a video before, says that the huge increase in energy prices is responsible for the increase in heart attacks and strokes. If it were the 1st of April I would think this an April Fool’s joke.”

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